Sometimes Going Forward Means Taking A Step Back....

and that can be a good thing.

 Back in the 80's, I began experimenting with non-standard tunings on guitar. Some people call this alternate tuning or open tunings. It's something that guitarists have been doing for a long time, and is more common than people think.

People who regularly use non-standard tunings on guitar include Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Jack White, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Son House and Robert Johnson.

Going Through The Archives

Earlier in 2017, Adam Walli was able to digitize individual tracks from music Mitch wrote, and the two of them recorded together in 1989 and 1990. 

Mitch was really excited about this as most of the tracks he recorded in other small studios back then is gone forever. Recordings were lost or destroyed either through mishandling or unforeseen events. 

Mitch Is Back In The Studio

After taking a break to regroup, Mitch has started going through his back catalogue looking for songs to record for an upcoming release. He's been writing more too. 

So what's the plan? What's in the hopper? What is it we're working on?