Kissing Willy - 2017 Demo Version

Many people outside of the music business assume that a musician or band walks into a studio, suddenly gets an idea and records the song on the spot right off the studio floor. 

That's not how things are done anymore. Live studio jams are becoming more and more rare.

Songs are written, rehearsed and then recorded. Since the 70s, many songwriters, Jimmy Page, Pete Townsend, Tom Petty, Neil Young and so on, would bring demos with at least guide parts for the other musicians to follow along to and develop their own parts. 

My own process is to write a song, or a section of a song, record what I have, makes some changes, record it again and keep going until we have the whole song worked out and are ready to record the "final" version with other musicians.

This is the last draft of Kissing Willy. Most of the tracks have been around for a while, but I added some guitar, played with the drums a bit more and tweaked the vocals.

The final version will have a few differences, different instruments, vocals and other things to give it more of a 50s vibe. 

But I thought people would be interested to hear some of the music that I'm working on.

Kissing Willy Demo 2017 - Mitch Ross - Mitch Ross Musician


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Mitch Ross is a Canadian songwriter, musician and producer.